CAPEMAG is a local online magazine created by Cape Groove (Pty) Ltd and released to the public in May 2020.

The magazine is an idea that Vaughn ‘DJ Malles’ Visagie came up within 2019 during a conversation with one of his previous artists but never got time to do it. The main purpose is to educate people about local talents in and around the city of Cape Town.

The magazine consists of Questions & Answers with local artists (Singers, Rappers, Dancers, Comedians, DJs), Photographers, Make-up Artists, Chefs, and Various Types of Organizations. Cape Groove hopes that this magazine not only showcases talents and local businesses but also opens the minds of those who don’t support local talents and businesses in their city but only supports international.

Radio interview

CAPEMAG Interview | 10 Oct 2020 | Bush Radio 89.5FM | The Curly Wave Show
CAPEMAG Interview | 17 Oct 2020 | Radio Atlantis 107.9FM